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Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 2 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: This part? PG-13 probably.
Summary: More, but less ridiculous Genderswapped!Iron Man fanfic for Karen and now also for everyone else who liked the first one. Toni's PoV, overlapping with/re-writing movie canon.


Looking back Toni can’t really remember the moment when she was seized by terror, she only knows that she did not relax again until she saw Pepper on the tarmac at the end of the ramp, waiting with a dry face but bloodshot eyes.
_ _ _ _

Maybe the fear started when the car leading the Funvee went up in a ball of fire. It seemed logical, because really, one minute she was flirting the officer next to her out of his professional demeanor and possibly later his pants, and the next everything is burning and everyone is loading weapons like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

But no she was stunned then, looking around in confusion as everyone else piled out and left her there with her favourite dress pants sloshed with scotch and a gobsmacked look on her face. (At least that’s what the expression had looked like to her before the passenger side mirror was clipped off by the next round of gunfire.)

So maybe the panic took hold when she was scrambling through the dirt, trying to dial Obadiah and hide behind a rock at the same time... )
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Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 1 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: This part? PG, don't know how the others will go...
Summary: This is ridiculous Genderswapped!Iron Man fanfic for Karen, who shamelessly encouraged this idea and shall pay for it dearly by being given fics now. :p

EDIT: Added more to round out the chapter, next part from Toni's POV


Peter 'Pepper' Potts has seen all of Toni Stark’s baby pictures.

He has seen the grade school portraits of dark hair in pigtails and huge curious eyes, the high school year book photos, a bespectacled girl of barely eleven trying to look more mature than she really was. Pictures at age fifteen, first year at MIT, with defined arms and shoulders and loose, layered hair, hunkered over a circuit board with a peculiar sort of grace. A cocky smile as she stood under Howard’s proud arm in graduation cap and gown, seventeen years old.... days before her father died and her world collapsed into funeral plans, and interview requests, and family feuds over the estate.

Pepper’s favourite, though is a charmingly candid snap from the first year that he had worked for Toni. It was one of the few photos that the genius millionaire hadn’t posed for in the course of her young life.

Toni at twenty four in her workshop, hands on hips, with the giddy smile of a child on Christmas Day as the beaten up shell of her future prized hot-rod was rolled in through the garage door.

Pepper took the picture himself. )


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