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I haven't actually fic-style written out something this adult in a very long time. Uuuuh, yeah. This is NC-17 and really NSFW. You've been WARNED f-list! Please just skip this over if it doesn't interest you.

Title: Savage
Author: [ profile] glassfishgirl
Fandom: Marvel Comics AU
Character(s)or Pairing: Genderswapped!Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Set in a universe where Tony is Toni and always has been, inspired by a prompt for 'anyone/bruce' on the most recent Cape and Cowl kink meme.
Warnings: Female dominant/male submissive, bondage, some rough domination and one instance of choking are part and parcel here so don't say I didn't tell you what you were getting into.
Summary: "You get to play master and servant with a nymphomaniac multi-billionaire for a month straight and call it ‘anger management’? Where the f**k were you when the court made me to go to that 'deep-breathing-count-to-ten' shit for my road rage?"

“You said you wanted me to help you, Dr. Banner. Don’t bitch about how I do it.”
Her voice is just a little graveled, worn rough from swallowing scotch and barking instructions at everyone within twenty feet of her all day. It’s what she does... and it’s what she’s doing to him (for free she might add, and with such nice perks).

It doesn’t hurt that she’s aged beautifully, although even if she were as hard on the eyes as her high stress, vodka soaked lifestyle would suggest he still would have asked her to do this and no one else.

Youth isn’t what he needs.

He came to Toni Stark because she’s Toni Stark... )


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