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Recently I signed up for a new project - a community on Dreamwidth called Musing Way. (Consider this my pimping for it.) The idea of MW is to sign up with a character that's in your head a lot who you like to work with and you answer prompts about them or even AS them. There are also open roleplay posts and the like.

Now... ages and ages ago... I posted the 'Her Boy Friday' Iron Man fics, with Tony Stark as a lady and Toni snowballed into her own little animal hella-fast. She sort of... moved out of my Her Boy Friday AU into this huge sprawling thing based on a single comic page, [ profile] earth_3490 that [ profile] quipquipquip and I have been playing out together. (If you poke your head over don't mind the erratic threads and shit, that's just how we roll. We need a proper and complete reading order post like woah, still.)

So ANYWAY when Musing Way cropped up, I took my invite code, strolled on over and set up shop with Toni - writing her early early EAAARLY in the Earth 3490 timeline (oh god yes there's a timeline). It's mid 2005, she's part of the Avengers, the public knows her as Iron Man, she drinks like a fish and her life is both awesome and kind of terrible all at once.

Musing way's prompt for Week 7 was 'Freedom'.

Toni!Muse shook me down and got me to write this at 5:30 in the morning after I'd been quite upset about stuff earlier in the evening and... I am kind of surprised how well it came out, so I wanted to share. =)

Title: The Black
Author: [ profile] glassfishgirl
Fandom: Marvel Comics AU
Character(s)or Pairing: Toni Stark
Rating: PG-13 maybe for language?
Wordcount: 503
Notes: n/a
Warnings: This got... surprisingly depressing for being writing about 'freedom'..
Summary: There are times that just breathing the air down on the ground feels so smothering...


'Take me where I cannot stand...'

It's part of a song, something Pepper was always watching on the TV a few years back. She's a Joss Whedon fangirl, just a little bit, but Toni's never shared the obsession. Whedon depresses the fuck out of her.

The shit he writes is just too much like her real life - funny, fantastic, crushing and bitterly cruel at the most random moments, and totally and unequivocally entertaining to everyone but the people who have to live it.

But Firefly was a bit of a different stroke she supposes, and she did like the theme song.

Take me out, to the black... )
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I haven't actually fic-style written out something this adult in a very long time. Uuuuh, yeah. This is NC-17 and really NSFW. You've been WARNED f-list! Please just skip this over if it doesn't interest you.

Title: Savage
Author: [ profile] glassfishgirl
Fandom: Marvel Comics AU
Character(s)or Pairing: Genderswapped!Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Set in a universe where Tony is Toni and always has been, inspired by a prompt for 'anyone/bruce' on the most recent Cape and Cowl kink meme.
Warnings: Female dominant/male submissive, bondage, some rough domination and one instance of choking are part and parcel here so don't say I didn't tell you what you were getting into.
Summary: "You get to play master and servant with a nymphomaniac multi-billionaire for a month straight and call it ‘anger management’? Where the f**k were you when the court made me to go to that 'deep-breathing-count-to-ten' shit for my road rage?"

“You said you wanted me to help you, Dr. Banner. Don’t bitch about how I do it.”
Her voice is just a little graveled, worn rough from swallowing scotch and barking instructions at everyone within twenty feet of her all day. It’s what she does... and it’s what she’s doing to him (for free she might add, and with such nice perks).

It doesn’t hurt that she’s aged beautifully, although even if she were as hard on the eyes as her high stress, vodka soaked lifestyle would suggest he still would have asked her to do this and no one else.

Youth isn’t what he needs.

He came to Toni Stark because she’s Toni Stark... )


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