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Dual exercise here!

First of all, I am DONE my cultural studies essays!!!! WHOOHOOOOO! =D This means I'm officially off hiatus on all my games, can app for new ones, and god dammit when I get home from my chill-out night with Crystal this evening I am going to TAG THE ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET!!!!! XD

Psych I owe you tags and a thread, Sair I owe you a thread, Allen I gotta talk you into a thread and I owe you Scoutsmen crack, Kitty I owe you a C&C App and FFFFT THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AMAZING, WE'RE GOING TO FREAK YOUR BRUCE OUT SO BAD! WOOHOO! XD


Since essays are out of the way I am going to be ALL OVER all the plotbunnies that have been clamouring unsuccessfully for freedom from my brain while I've been bogged down with schoolwork. Getting random snippets and bits and ideas out of my head and also Kitty deserves some drabbles! As Kitty maaaaay be the only person to get what a lot of these ideas are about this is clearly the perfect marriage of intents! Tadaa!


Jarvis mentioned it first.

Probably because Jarvis was the only other 'person' awake at 2:30 in the morning on a Sunday.

Toni's house AI used to bother Steve - there was something just so skin-crawlingly odd about holding a conversation with a man with no face (because Jarvis really was a man with his own thoughts on things no matter what Toni said about programming this and interface that) - but three years living in a series of houses that all came with him installed part and parcel, well Cap had grown a bit fond of him all told.

As such when Jarvis said 'good morning' as he ambled into the kitchen with James on his shoulder making those little hiccuping cries that he'd come to identify as meaning 'feed me', Steve just yawned and said, "Good Morning Jarvis." without a second thought.

Then Jarvis added on "And Happy Father's Day Sir." and Steve stopped cold, crouched in front of the fridge with his hand on a bottle of milk.

"Is it really?" he asked, looking up toward the ceiling the way he just couldn't help when he held a conversation with the AI.

"As it is past midnight on the third Sunday of the month, I would say so." The was a pause, as if Jarvis were smiling at him. "Crept up on you did it sir?"

Steve straightened slowly, shifting his two week old son on his shoulder as he shut the fridge and padded over to put the bottle in the microwave.

"You could say that, yeah."

Truth be told he hadn't thought about much of anything beyond getting used to the routine of a new baby in their lives since James had been born - fourteens days of simultaneous peace and chaos. Their son's one month early arrival in the midst of grand-scale alien invasion had left both him and Toni short four weeks of time for clearing their pre-baby to do lists.

Bassinet assembly had been done in the space of an hour before James' first nap in it, Toni holding him in the rocking chair complaining that the incomprehensible Swedish directions would be easier to read if she could get drunk first and Steve trying to force screws where there were not meant to be screws.

It hadn't collapsed on their newborn though so they considered it a victory (although Toni was already trying to reverse engineer the thing into some kind of more efficient layout by the next morning).

All in all James had proved his easy going nature already. He had his crying fits and certainly didn't sleep through the night by any stretch of the imagination - on average he started fussing to be fed every three hours or so no matter what time it was - but he was utterly unconcerned with details. If he was being cuddled, fed or sleeping he was as content as anyone could ask for.

The peace and quiet was surprising, but incredibly welcome.

Bottle heated Steve padded into the living room and settled in his favorite spot on the couch, James cradled against his chest. It took him all of ten seconds of sucking to settle into a practically lethargic state again. He would drowse a few moments, then seem to remember 'oh hey, I have food' and put on a burst of enthusiastic draws and swallows before getting sleepy and repeating the cycle again. It was almost funny to watch and Steve let himself smile at the whole familiar routine.

It choked him up something fierce that it was routine at all.

Yeah, okay, this is... half-finished, I shall do more later when I have moar tiiime! Gotta go to last class now! <3 SEE Y'ALL!
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