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Dec. 16th, 2011 11:22 am
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So, I haven't posted here in months.

This journal has simply lapsed as my life has gotten busy and changed and between that, the fact that I can't make a single public post without getting spam from bots in my comments, and Livejournal taking away subject lines on comments as of the 20th and screwing over every one who roleplays on livejournal ever despite massive backlash and protest...

I've had enough of paying money to a company that doesn't listen to its users for a service that I'm not even making good use of. I'm letting all my paid accounts lapse and my personal journal here won't be updated anymore.

At one time I thought I would be in my right mind to buy a permanent account on this service, but it turns out I'm more transient than I thought I guess. This journal carries a lot of history for me so I certainly won't be deleting it or anything, but I just won't be continuing to post here. I feel I need a fresh start.

If anyone is still interested in following me and/or the stuff I do I now have my personal journal at Dreamwidth If you have a journal there yourself feel free to add me to your circle, or if you want to follow my DW journal on LJ the open ID system should let you do that too. I will not be offended or upset if you don't make the effort to follow me to a new service and I will still check up on my friendslist here from time to time because I love you all.

This magpie just needs a new tree to make her nest in.

So long LiveJournal it's been a wonderful six years. Thank you friendslist for everything you've brought into my life (even the bad stuff) and all the things I carry forward with me from your influence. All my love and best wishes. <3

- Zippy


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