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Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 2 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: This part? PG-13 probably.
Summary: More, but less ridiculous Genderswapped!Iron Man fanfic for Karen and now also for everyone else who liked the first one. Toni's PoV, overlapping with/re-writing movie canon.


Looking back Toni can’t really remember the moment when she was seized by terror, she only knows that she did not relax again until she saw Pepper on the tarmac at the end of the ramp, waiting with a dry face but bloodshot eyes.
_ _ _ _

Maybe the fear started when the car leading the Funvee went up in a ball of fire. It seemed logical, because really, one minute she was flirting the officer next to her out of his professional demeanor and possibly later his pants, and the next everything is burning and everyone is loading weapons like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

But no she was stunned then, looking around in confusion as everyone else piled out and left her there with her favourite dress pants sloshed with scotch and a gobsmacked look on her face. (At least that’s what the expression had looked like to her before the passenger side mirror was clipped off by the next round of gunfire.)

So maybe the panic took hold when she was scrambling through the dirt, trying to dial Obadiah and hide behind a rock at the same time... )


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