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I wanted to write some New Years themed fic and Rhodey got in on that at the ground floor, so Iron Maiden AU continues it's domination of my journal for now. XD

Title: Tradition
Fandom: Iron Man Movieverse (Iron Maiden AU)
Rating: PG
Summary: Pre-movie canon, Iron Maiden Universe. Rhodey plays Toni's date to the Stark Industries New Years Eve party in 1999.


This was exactly where he ended up every year it seemed.

It's New Years Eve, and he's back in Malibu because he can never say no to her when she calls him up and insists that she NEEDS him to come and keep her company. He has to be there to give her a 'real' conversation while Obie networks and Pepper organizes and the rest of the guests schmooze about shit she's not interested in.

She hasn't seen a movie in a theatre since the Star Wars Trilogy re-releases in '97. She totally called the prequels out as schlock from the first trailer and gave up on movies in general from that point in. (If even George Lucas can fuck up this much there's no hope for anyone else!) She tells him she's not 'in touch with pop culture anymore' based on her movie-viewing record alone.

"It's all my employees and all my employees' frigging housewives. You know what wives are like at company parties! They gang up on the single girl and want to go on about books and films and their kids! What am I gonna talk about with other women at a party when I haven't seen a movie in three years? Quantum fucking mechanics? Seriously Jim. My brain will bleed out my ears if I have to listen to them talk about knitting like at the picnic. I need a date for this one."

So he picks out a suit and drives down to Malibu, because he's her 'go to guy' and that's just how it is. )
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Title: Her Boy Friday (Part 3 of ?)
Fandom: Iron Man (Movieverse)
Rating: PG-13 I guess, for nudity
Summary: Iron Maiden Universe (Genderswapped!Tony and Pepper in the Iron Man movieverse) Re-write of film canon in alternating points-of-view and side-stories. On the roster today, Pepper after Toni's homecoming. (For context, see parts One and Two)


Pepper is wringing his hands at the back of the room as he watches Toni sink to the floor in front of a sea of reporters. She looks wide-eyed and a bit panicked somehow as she munches on her cheeseburger (extra pickles, extra cheese, no tomato) and stares out at the crowd.

Pepper feels sick to his stomach.

Toni who seemed collected at the airport, in the car, at the drive-thru window, now looks like she’s reeling from the magnitude of being home. And the spotlight has always brought out the inner beast of her compulsiveness.

At the crossroads of jet lag, trauma and the reality of rescue is a bad bad place for Toni Stark to be while in front of this many cameras. )


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